Saturday, May 16, 2009

Noryangjin Fish Market 2

While Amber was visiting we made a stop at the Noryangjin Fish Market after a long day of cherry blossom festival, swan boats, and the 63 Building. This is one of the largest fish markets in the world. It is also one of my favorite places to eat in Seoul. Anyone who knows me, knows I love seafood and fish markets. I love seeing all of the strange things, and then being able to taste them. Although, we always purchase pretty tame items to take to the resturaunts. This time we got two fist, one was flat and white on the bottom side. The other was long and silver. We saw many people buy those two together, so we thought we would try them. We also got a crab and some huge shrimp. Ellen and her mother were with us if you were wondering why we got some much food.

Our table at the resturaunt. When you buy your fish, you tell them how to cut it. Then they ask you if you want to go to a resturaunt. If you say yes, they lead you through some tiny walkways to the one they are associated with. Then you tell the resturuant how you want it cooked. We got the fish Sashimi style, which is raw. The crab and shrimp were cooked and then we had shabu shanu.

This was our sashimi fish plate. I love this dish. There is raw fish and then different things to build a fish wrap. Lettuce and sesame leaves are provided. There is regular sliced galic and pickled garlic( yum) that can be wraped up with the fish. Then there is a spicy red sauce to put in with the fish and galic. Wrap it all in lettuce and you get delicous!

Shabu shabu is a spicy soup made from the fish leftovers. All of the bones and heads are put in the soup. Amber and Ellen ate the fish eyes. I did not. This is a Japanese dish. It is also very tasty. If you don't like raw fish, you can cook it in with the soup.

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